hai!! i'm lolita, i mainly go by shi/hir pronouns, but she/her is fine as well! im a intersex transfem lesbian, whos very in luv with hir gf!

im an artist that mainly focuses on creepy cute things! i also always have wanted to be able to code, which is a wish i'm finally fulfilling.~ i currently have my art commissions open as well, if youre interested, feel free to check it out!

i'm disabled and autistic so the internet has been a safe space for me since i was a kid. (for better or for worse...) i tend to be in and out of (mental) hospitals, due to reasons i wont talk abt here, so im sorry if i randomly disappear from time to time!!

some of my special interests include psychology, cats, vocaloid, omori and dolls! feel free to talk about those topics with me :3